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 1.** Four Scouts and Four Guides Participated in Rajya Puraskar Testing Camp held at K.V. 2 Eklingarh 

        Udaipur from 25.0

 2 .** Four Scouts and Two Guides Participated  in Three Night Camp for Rastrapati Puruskar held at  K V  1          Kota from 10.04.2018 to 12.04.2018

 3 **Pratham sopan and Dwitiya Sopan Testing Camp held at vidyalaya level on 19.01.2018 and 20.01.2018.

      Total 45 Scouts and Guides participated in the Camp.

 4.**Four Scouts Participated in Rajya Purskar Testing Camp 2017 Held at K.V.1 Kota  from 18.07.2017 to               22.07.2017.**

5.** Four Scout and Four Guides Participated in Tritiya Sopan Testing Camp2017  held at K.V. 1 Jaipur from         28.07.2017 to 30.07.2017*

6 .**Three Scouts and Two  Guides Participated in Pre- Rastrapati Testing Camp 2017 held at K.V.1 Ajmer.**

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