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                                                                                          COMMITTEES 2018-19


S No.



Name of Teachers




Sh.Vishnu Kumar TGT SKt I/C

Mr. Anil Kumar PGT

Mr. Dilip Singaria PGT

Ms.Vandana Sharma PRT

MsBhawnaBatham Librarian

Advertisement, scrutiny of applications and their verifications, Preparation of selection lists, proper maintenance of records, conduct of admission tests and reply for query regarding the details of admission, etc.



Sh. D.D.Verma I/C

 Sh. Dilip Singaria (CBSE)I/C

Mr.Pukraj (PGT)

MrsSudhaMeena (PGT)

Miss Divya Prabha Primary I/C

Mrs Sonam Swami PRT

Planning and conduct of internal and external Exams, Maintenance of records, CBSE affiliation and correspondence, monitoring and compliance of CBSE Examination related circulators, Guidance to teachers regarding the assessments, Result analysis, to plan the tests-examination schedule well in advance, intimate student about the dates of tests-exams. To ensure effective implementation of CCE.  To send completed nominal list of students of class X to the CBSE. Collect and remit exam fee in time.  Timely updating and uploading of data in the CBSE web portal etc.



Mr. U.B PandeyI/C

Sh.Bharat Kumar

MrsSangeetaGoyar (Primary I/C)

Miss DivyaPrabha

Planning and conduct of CCA activities, Planning of Morning Assembly and preparation of students for various activities, Various celebrations as directed by KVS,  Annual Day, Cultural activities To make the arrangements for assembly Programme and proper implementation of all the activities under CCA in consultation with house masters.  Arrange for evaluation and prize distribution. Prepare the list of festivals to be celebrated well in advance and plan accordingly. Etc



Sh.U.B Pandey

Mr. Keshav Varnoti

Mr. Shiv Lal Meena

Miss Vandana Sharma I/C

Mrs sonam Swami

Regulation of movements of students, Discipline between periods, lunch break, Formation of Students council committee Conduct of School council meetings, Discipline in assembly, Checking  late coming


Raj Bhasha

Sh. Visnu Kumar Bairwa I/C

Mr Dilip Singaria


To see that Rajbhasha meetings are conducted, reports are sent, all the directions of KVS and Official language authorities implemented in the vidyalaya


Games and Sports

Mr.Ramesh Kumar Meena I/C

Keshav Vernoti (TGT Art)

Miss VandanaI/C (Primary)

Miss Jyoti PRT

To organize all the Sports and games activities in the vidyalaya, Procure all the items required for sports and games, Organize competitions and Preparation camps, Train the students to participate in various levels of competitions


Scouts and Guide

Sh.Keshav Varnoti, TGT(AE) I/C

Smt. Sudha Meena I/C Guide



Ms  Vandana 

Mrs.Sonam Swami

To organize all the Scouts and Guides activities in the vidyalaya, Procure all the items required for scouts and guides, Organize training  and Preparation camps, to implement all the activities as prescribed by KVS


Time Table

Sh. Pukraj PGT I/C

Mrs Sudha Meena

Mr.Bharat Kumar

Miss Jyoti Primary I/C

Preparation, Modifications whenever necessary, making arrangements according the needs/ absence of teachers


Purchase Committee

Sh.U.BPandey I/C

Miss Vandana Sharma

Mr.Keshav Varnoti

Mr Pukraj

Mr. Shiv Lal Meena

Mr.Ramesh Kumar Meena

To scrutinize all the bills of purchases, To see that all the purchase procedures are met with, making arrangements for the procurement of items for the vidyalaya


Campus Beautification & Cleanliness

Sh.KeshavVernoti I/C

Miss Vandana Sharma

Mr. Sonam Swami


To look after   and the proper maintenance of the school garden, pruning of trees , maintenance of school compound and all other steps needed to beautify the building and campus.  Checking of the work and assigning new tasks to the contractual labourers, providing new flower plants, ornamental plants, manures.


Nature Club

MrsSudhaMeena I/C

Miss Vandana Sharma

To organize programs to create awareness for protecting the environment. Ensure a plastic free campus. Love towards plants and animals Conduct programs to make the children aware .


Computer & Website

Sh. Dilip Singaria I/C

Mr.Ram Dayal Narania

Miss Divya

Mr.Shiv Lal Meena

To ensure day to day updating of the Vidyalaya website with all relevant information. To protect school website from Hackers.


Guidance andCounselling

Sh.SudhaMeena I/C

Mr. U.B. Pandey

Miss Vandana Sharma

To the effective implementation of adolescence education programme and train the children in all the modules , activities provided by KVS, to arrange workshops , Doctors” classes etc to students and parents., to conductcompetitions, role play.

Identify the special cases and report. Try to solve the problems. Either at the school level or by professionals. To organize programs to inculcate the feeling of oneness among students by inviting eminent personalities for guiding the students in achieving positive spirit.


Water supply, Electrical,

Drinking Water

Mr. Ram Dayal Narania I/C

Mr. Ramesh Kumar Meena

Sh. Dilip Singaria

Mrs Sudha Meena

Mrs Sonam Swami

To ensure timely maintenance and up keeping of the Vidyalaya building and campus. To procure essential materials and to find proper work force. To maintain stock register .


Academic Committee & Subject Committee Convenors




To plan and implement the whole academic Programme for the year so as to achieve” Zero” failure in all classes, to prepare and implement a special programme for the academically slow learners  and gifted children. Ensure that the spilt up syllabus is strictly followed, and correction work is done regularly. Conduct subject committee meetings at regular intervals. Encourage implementation of new methodologies. Hold academic discussion and guide teachers in making teaching –learning a joyful experience. To develop and implement academic planning for improving PI of individual Teachers in the faculties concerned.


CMP and Primary Resource Room

Miss VandanaI/C

MrsSonam Swami

Miss Divya Prabha

Miss Jyoti


To collect and select material for CMP newsletter every quarter. Publication of the same incorporating all the day to day activities in primary and to promote creativity among primary children. Plan and implement programs to ensure minimum levels of learning by making primary class rooms a wonderful place of learning through learning activities. To devise new and interesting teaching strategies for the purpose. To co-ordinate all the activities related to CMP. To monitor TLM Requirement and purchase and maintenance of stock.


Adventure Activities

Sh.Keshav Varnoti I/C

Miss Bhavna Batham

Mrs Sangeeta Goyar I/C Primary

To plan and organize adventure activity for the students. Safety of students etc


Integrity Club

Mr.U.BPandey I/C

Mr. Dilip Singaria PGT

To plan activities as per CBSE guide lines. The Major aim of the club is to develop human values in children. To arrange morning g assembly talks, See that the students are developing themselves as an ideal future generation.


Library Committee

Miss BhawnaBathamI/C

Mrs Sudha Meena

Mr.Shiv Lal Meena

Miss Vandana Sharma


Miss DivyaPrabha

Four Students


To recommend suitable books for updating the library. To collect feedback from students and staff for additions to the Vidyalaya library. Responsible for the implementation of the library policy


PA System

Mr.Ram Dayal Narania  I/C


Mr. Pukraj

Mr. Shiv Lal Meena

Proper functioning of PA system necessary for assembly, various other functions, their repair and maintenance


Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan

Sh.U.B.Pandey I/C

Yoga Teacher

German Teacher

Mr. Ramesh Kumar Meena

Mrs. Sonam Swami

To see that the Cleanness of the vidyalaya, Check whether the cleanness employee are working properly.


Magazine Committee

Mrs Sudha Meena I/C

Mr.Keshav Varnoti

Miss Vandana Sharma

Miss Divya Prabha

To collect, select and edit the works of students and staff for the printing of Vidyalaya Magazine. Timely editing  printing and distribution


Teaching Aids

Sh.D.DVerma I/C

MrsSonam Swami

Mrs Sudha Meena


Maintain stock of teaching aids, easy accessibility to teachers, procurement of required teaching aids as per the demands of the teachers


External Competitions

Sh.U B Pande I/C

Sh. Vandana Sharma

Mr Visnu Kumar Bairwa

To ensure maximum participation of the students in these competitions especially those recommended by the KVS like NTSE, Olympiads, and Merit cum Means Scholarships etc. Giving wide publicity of such competitions. Maintenance of Different labs.



Sh.Bharat Kumar I/C

Mr Ram Dayal Narania


MrsSonam Swami


To maintain the stock of furniture, optimum utilization, timely repair, procurement etc.


CS 54,Office accounts & Bell timings

Mr.Pukraj I/C

Miss Divyaprabha

Mr. D.D.verma

Mr. Shiv Lal Meena

To prepare summary of daily collection in both VVN and School Fund accounts and to ensure the tallying with bank statements. To see that bells are given on time


First Aid

Keshav Varnoti I/C


MrsSonam Swami


 To maintain the stock of First Aid, Easy accessibility to students on emergency To have the medical checkup done as per the schedule prescribed by KVS.



Sh. Ram Dayal Narania I/C

Sh Bharat Kumar

Mr. KeshavVarnoti


To make planning for welfare of the occupants of the Vidyalaya. To arrange M&R  in time. To take up annual maintenance of Vidyalaya taking help from M&R department. To see that no unwanted things are happening the Vidyalaya or its premises.



Mr. Dilip Singaria PGT I/C

Sh.Vandana Sharma I/C

MrsSonam Swami

Miss Jyoti

To make available opportunities to all teachers to use adequate technology in their teaching. To ensure optimum use of available resources .To plan purchase of additional equipment to update the technology aided teaching  in the Vidyalaya

30 Grievance Redressal Committe, Child Right Protection and Sexual Harassment Committee

Mr.U.B.Pandey I/C

Mrs Sudha Meena

Mr.Bharat Kumar

Miss Vandana Sharma

Mrs Sonam Swami 

The prime objective is to promote practices and procedures which would ensure creation and sustenance of healthy employer employee relationship, expeditious settlement of genuine grievance of employees, Strengthening the team sprit among all the members to perform in concert which is necessary to achieve the goals of KVS.

Provide a safe working environment. Display conspicuously at the workplace, the penal consequences of indulging in acts that may constitute sexual harassment and the composition of the Internal Complaints Committee. Treat sexual harassment as a misconduct under the service rules and initiate action for misconduct.

Monitoring   Committee

Of New Building and old building of KV Deogarh

Mr.U.B.Pandey I/C

Miss Vandana Sharma

Mr Keshav Varnoti

To supervise all construction work, submit the progress report of new construction, Check maintenance work of buildings. To ensure timely maintenance and up keeping of the Vidyalaya building and campus.
32 Evacuation Team & Rescue Team

Mr.U.B.Pandey I/C

Miss Jyoti

Mr Keshav Varnoti

Teacher will train all the students In case of emergency or in Natural Disaster how to evacuate Safely from building .  

Mr. U B Pande I/C

Mr.Vishnu Bairwa

Mr Shiv Lal Meena

Mr Pukraj

Mr. Dilip Singaria

Mr Keshav Varnoti

The committee will help the Principal in day to day administrative matters.

b)      The committee can go through the circulars received form KVS RO Jaipur and KVS HQ New Delhi.

c)      Verification of students’ attendance registers to ensure the collection of fees from all the students of their respective members of their subject.

d)      The committee further verifies the entries of fees particulars in the students

Attendance register. Any discrepancy observed must be brought to the notice of the Principal immediately.

e)       To assist the undersigned in preparation of Budget estimates (SF & VVN) annual accounts (SF&VVN)

34 Security conservancy & safety

Mr.Ram Dayal Narania I/C

Mr.Keshav Varnoti

Mrs Sangeeta Goyar

Miss Vandana Sharma

Miss Divya Prabha

To keep a proper weekly record of working of conservancy staff.

To ensure proper working of security and conservancy staff as per the contract

To plan for the safety and security of the students and the Vidyalaya building.

To obtain building and electrical safety certificate.

To organize programmes on  safety and security of the children.




Note: The above list is not exhaustive, the success remains in the ability to rise to the occasion for the benefit of the children and organization






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